About Us
Founding time: 1988 Setting up group: 2000
Staff members: 3800 Present capital: RMB 400 million
Marketing brand:
Product system: Deli office stationery, Deli student's stationery, Deli commercial machine, Deli writing tool, Deli office electron, Deli IT consumables, Deli paper

Underlings: Ningbo Deli Electronic Development Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Deli School Supply and Stationery Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Deli Stationery Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Deli Surface Coating & Decorating Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Deli Import and Export Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Deli Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Deli Municipal Material Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Deli Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Deli Electric Investment Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Deli Office Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Production base: Ninghai Huangtan Industrial Park----Mould, plastic injection, punch, die-casting and other manufacturing system
Ningbo Chengguan Industrial Park----Surface plating, painting process
Ningbo Jiangdong Industrial Park----Electronic products, pen-making, commercial machine
Ningbo Jiangbei Industrial Park----570 mu (under construction)

Selling system: Chinese market---- 30 branch companies spreading major capital cities throughout the country
International market----cooperators and sales network spreading more than 100 countries in the world

Logistics system: powerful logistics delivery system for branch companies
Management system: successfully passing the certification of ISO9001 international quality management system
Successfully passing the certification of ISO14001 environment system
Successfully introducing ERP (enterprise resource planning) system

Research and development system: Research and development center of pencil sharpener Research and development center of stapler research and development center of file-keeper
Research and development of computer research and development center of pen  research and development center of comprehensive stationery

Target: to become the first class stationery supplier of comprehensive stationery
Industry: multiple and professional
Sales achievement: in the past four years, Deli Group develops at an increasing sales income of RMB 100 million per year. In 2005, the sales income reaches RMB 700 million.


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